Architect of Change

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Hello, I am Bahar Bozacı. I was graduated from law school and I have a Women Studies master degree. I have been a member of Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey for three years. Beside this foundation, I have volunteered experience with children in alternative summer school. I realized my big interest in non-formal education and for this reason I applied for ‘’Evs Architects of Change’’ project. Now, I understand I made the right choice. First of all; Asociata Voluntariat Pentru Viata is a great association. I am so glad to meet such as good people, they always make us feel at home. Our mentor is very caring and helpful. When we need training or some materials for the project they arrange quickly. 

We are volunteering in Gheorghe Asachi Highschool and Children’s Palace. Also, we have two schools in Garoafa and Ciuşlea. Everything’s going great. Children are very eager to join our activities. Their excitement and happiness makes me motivated a lot. We are learning and discovering our abilities. This project is such a great opportunity to make a change in children’s life and our life, so I feel very lucky. At the same time, we have a chance to experience a new culture and learn a new language. I really enjoy that. Also, Romanian people are very friendly and Christmas is so beautiful here.

 “Hello, my name is Carmen and I am part of the EVS project “Architects of change”. I am glad to be able to say that so far, I have had a very welcoming experience here in Romania, and a very interesting one. As Romanian culture and traditions are not very well known in the rest of Europe, thus, I was a bit intrigued upon my arrival, and I am glad to see the preservation of very old pagan traditions in your traditional songs and festival, including Christmas, which are lost in many Central and Southern European Countries, such as Spain.

At first, I was a bit worried about being able to interact properly with the children, since I do not know Romanian, but they are very eager to meet us and interact with us and do different types of activities with us, even those that do not much English, which eased my mind.

What interested me about this project was to have not only the possibility of learning more about a country that intrigued me, but since I a master in social policies, it was a great opportunity to learn about NGOs and the different informal activities that they do with the children here.”

Hello, I am an armenian girl named Marine, who takes part in the EVS project “Architects of Change” in Romania and I should admit, that since my very first day here in Romania, I feel quite at home and while choosing my EVS volunteering here, I knew for sure, that I am going to have unforgettable experience and discover new horizons for me.

Moreover, I found out for myself, that the pearl of Romania is its people! They are kind, helpful and welcoming. I have been introduced to the romanian culture and I simply admire it with its combinations of old and new traditions.

Wherever you go, you just get filled with warm and positive vibes. It goes without saying, that my 7 months’ volunteering experience here will make me grow,change and create a path to excellence and to self-improvement.Thus as architects of change, we know that the key to make a change is to share and gain new skills and knowledge via mutual cultural exchange.


It is my first experience that living abroad. Its been 20 days. I am happy to be here. I was wondering that discover myself, meeting different cultures and country culture. I liked that situation, day by day I feel like that I am improving myself. I think if you are positive, you can believe that everything will be good.

I am discovering Romanian culture step by step. I try to say something that using Romanian language words in social life and its very interesting and different experience for me. Romanian people are so helpful. Even if they dont speak English, try to help you. I dont know why Focsani seems quite silent and peaceful for me and its very good. The weather is a little colder than my country in winter, but you get use to it.

Before coming in Romania, I was thinking about that school education system of Romania. I think, children are generally social and friendly. Every child participates in events we do. Besides, teachers help us what we want to do.


Thats it for now and the volunteer adventure in Romania will continue…




Despre noi Asociația Voluntariat pentru Viață a luat naștere în 2012, la inițiativa a cinci prieteni din orașul istoric Mărășești, specialiști în educație, artă, istorie și asistență socială, dornici să găsească soluții pentru a spori integrarea socială, educația nonformală și interculturalitatea din zonă.


Nicolae Bălcescu 2, cod 625200, Mărășești, Vrancea, România
0770464485 Chiris Bogdan (RO)
0772292099 Chiris Alina - Aplicatiile pentru voluntariat -


01 Iulie 2021 - 30 Iunie 2022